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Greetings Allergy to the Max Readers!

I hope that this page will help link you to GREAT sites that continue to help people like you—people like me—to other fantastic resources, advice, humor, or recipes around the world.

Browse, Follow, and Enjoy!

Gluten Free & Me

If you are a Gluten Free mommy or daddy, you know how drastically your life has changed for your little one.  Well, here is a fantastic resource for you to understand a few things—one, you are not alone!  Two, Celiac is around the world, so you have family far far away.  Three, perhaps there is something new on the site you never thought to try before?!

Enjoy the site.  Enjoy the reads.  And look forward to Linda as she will share on our site from time to time!

Here is her story published on Friday Magazine (AE):

Gluten Foods Almost Killed My Baby


Multiple Food Allergy Help

This is a Facebook Page link.  Their site can be found via this link.  It posts daily newly learned allergy facts, help, coupons, videos, obituaries, and more.  Pretty much anything and everything important to rearing children with severe allergies!

I find the Facebook Page to be extremely helpful with confusing simple yet life-saving things.  Like Epi-Pens.

Have a read and a Like!

I know it will be helpful for you, too.


Go Dairy Free!

This site was a slice of heaven for me as a dairy-free parent.

BUT—please be warned—that while it is dairy free, there are many recipes that include nuts.  And my little Allergy to the Max is also a peanut/nut free kid.

Therefore, enjoy each savory dish’s photo—BUT—pay close attention to the ingredient list.

It’s a beautiful site and full of great inspiration.


And here, from my great State of Arizona, even though she’s Texan at heart, even graduating from the same high school as my husband, is the blog Around My Family Table.  If you click on it, you will be automatically directed to a link that takes you STRAIGHT to a page where you can click on one of several allergy recipe links based on your kid’s allergies.

Fantastic find.  Fantastic site.  Really eager to begin using it.


Top Raw Men

I would be crazy not to include this recipe book written by my 3 in-loves, George, Charles, and Coralanne.  They are Richard’s brothers and sister.  They wrote a book based on recipes they created that are made for healthy eating and healthy living!  I love many recipes in the book, especially the granola.  We make it often (I tend to leave the chocolate out).  My husband even brought it with him on his frozen trek up Mt. Elbrus in Russia.  Yes, that’s right.  I said Mt. Elbrus in Russia.

Crazy man…I think it is because he is from a crazy great family!

Anyhow, make sure to click on the link and check out the book.  I am sure that you will love it, too!


Well, Allergy Mom and Dad, let me know how your food turns out and what great finds you have to share!

I’m in this with you!

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