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Potty Training the Allergy Kid. Task: Impossible.

allergy kid toilet training

Okay, so potty training is actually not Task Impossible—but it sure is difficult.

If you have an allergy kid, you have quickly realized that when they eat or touch something that bothers him/her, his/her body reacts.

My son is very sensitive to three things:  atmosphere around him (such as a restaurant with peanuts at the tables or an airplane with peanuts in the air); touch (when dairy or nuts come in contact with his skin); and ingestion (placing the allergen in his mouth —- even if it comes out before he swallows it).  And when his little body (he turned 3 in the middle of May) is attacked by something that it does not like, he has many reactions:

Breathing difficulty

Welting on his skin


and Diarrhea

And it is this last that is proving to make potty training a really hard task.

If you have been following my blog, you will see that both my husband and I are religious about making sure that we check and double check any food item we give our son to make sure that it is what we call at our home “Max Friendly”.  We are also adamant and very strict about the zoo rule:  Don’t feed the Max!  Maxwell is not to accept any food from ANY person without me personally seeing it and agreeing and giving it to him myself.

YET—yet as much as we prep and read and prepare and care—it is such a hard world to live in with allergies, and I find time and time again Maxwell reacting to something that I could have sworn was Maxwell Friendly.

Even when I go back to the product and look again, I can’t seem to find what might have been the problem.

And, to be honest, friends, sometimes it is simply the production equipment itself that can be a problem.

Anyhow, when you have an allergy child, you, more than most, will notice that on more occasions than perhaps took place with your other children, your allergy child has diarrhea.

I do notice this.

Max does have it.

And potty training is quite difficult because of it.

So, what is the trick and how do you do it?

Those are GREAT questions.

This is what I am able to do:

At home, Maxwell runs around naked.  This past week, he has had quite a bit of diarrhea, so he is frequently running to his potty chair.  After some time when he is tired of running back and forth from his potty chair, I simply put him back in a diaper and give the little kid a break.

In public, still as of now, he wears a diaper.  It is far easier and safer for Max and Mommy that he does not have to worry about his tummy or accidents.

And I don’t stress.

Sometimes as a mom or a dad, we stress too much.  We want to be looked at as all together and a-okay in the world around us.  But the stress is unnecessary and often causes misery.  So, take a deep breath—and don’t stress.

My allergy kid is so much work already (no hate mail—i LOVE my kid) that the added stress of trying to regulate his little tummy while potty training at the same time is a lot.  And I mean A LOT!  Therefore, we go about our days the best we can.  Using the potty toilet as much as possible—and giving the little man a break when he really needs it.

In public—especially when episodes of an upset stomach are evident—a diaper is a our best friend.

And Max and Mommy are most happy for it!

So, Allergy Mom and Allergy Dad, potty training your allergy kid may take a little more work, especially if your kiddo has a sensitive stomach that requires a bit more attention (and most allergy kids’ tummies do).  Do your best.  Don’t stress.  And let your kiddo do the rest!

God bless on this exciting journey (yes, that was sarcastic-not sure I’d call potty training exciting 😉 ),