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No bake dairy and nut free S’mores!

Unfortunately for me, these s’mores aren’t so easy to make—it has taken the collaboration of 3 countries:  Holland, The United States, and Poland.  But since I’ve gathered all the products together under one Polish roof, my allergy kid has had a blast making and especially eating his no-bake smores.  If you don’t have the exact products where you are, have fun trying to find substitutions !  

We used:  marshmallow fluff, graham crackers, and non-dairy chocolate sprinkles.

Let me tell you, after compiling such a fun snack, there is only one thing left to say, “Smacznego!”

Substitutions for holiday baking

When you have an allergy kid, you have to even practice caution in substitutions, but this chart has some great ideas.

Happy future holiday baking for you all!

Xo b

Chocolate Chip Friendly Muffins!

I found a fantastic recipe for my little Max-the-allergy-man kid!  It would also probably be delicious the way it is actually created, but since we can’t eat those, I will vouch for the allergy-friendy version and say it’s worth the time and effort!

Here is what we did to change the recipe:

used rice milk instead of milk

used vegetable oil (same amount as called for butter) instead of butter

used Enjoy Life chocolate chips instead of other brands (they are soy, nut, and dairy free)

Here’s the recipe link:  Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

Here’s the outcome!  Smacznego!