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Substitutions for holiday baking

When you have an allergy kid, you have to even practice caution in substitutions, but this chart has some great ideas.

Happy future holiday baking for you all!

Xo b

When your allergy kid can’t eat Cheetos!

Cheetos are not the healthiest—but they are close to the best!!!  And every time my non-allergy oldest buys a bag, I feel tremendous pity for my allergy middle.  He watches his sisters devour my favorite treat.  He knows it will bring him owies—but you can still see the longing in his eyes.

Well, what do you know???  I found a fantastic chip in Poland that is “Ketchup” flavored—but really tastes like the tamer cousin of the Cheeto.  Hurrah!

And the best part—they really are shaped like dinosaurs.  What fun!

So, to all you dairy allergy moms and dads living in Europe—I hope you can find these, too.  

Be careful, though, the ketchup one is the only dairy-free one I have seen.

And for Gluten-Free Mommies and Daddies out there…these are for your kids, too!

Hey—they may not be the healthiest snack around, but they sure are fun.

Smacznego, Kiddos!

(These come out of the Slovak Republic, according to distribution.  Brand:  McLloyds)