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I would have never listened in the past

You know the saying, “Ignorance is bliss?”  That’s me when it comes to food, the food industry, and the effects.

I was ignorant.  It was bliss.

I mean, I LOVE soda.  Really. Remember how as a child you would say, “I love Pepsi,” and your friends would say, “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?”  Jokes on them!  I would TOTALLY marry Pepsi, if I wasn’t already married 😉

In all seriousness, however, the talk from Robyn O’Brien, formerly from a career on Wall Street, speaking at a TED convention is brilliant and thought provoking and extremely informative about the changes in the American food industry since the 1990s.

I really hope, especially if you have an allergy child, that you take the 20 minutes it takes to watch this video.  I set it up in my kitchen while I was cooking and mostly listened and worked at the same time (kind-of like whistle while you work).  But it was so fascinating that my husband came in from the other room and finished the video with me.

To be fair to ALL of our kids out there NOT born in the United States (like my Max—born and mostly homegrown in Poland)…I understand that even the most brilliant minds actually don’t understand allergies, but that does not diminish the facts that she shares and the history of the change of food and farming that has taken place in the last couple decades.

So, Allergy Mom and Allergy Dad, I hope that you take a moment and watch.  She, too, is an Allergy Mom, so she does understand you and is fighting hard for all future parents out there to help the best she knows how—by speaking out!

Sit enthralled.  I know you will.

God bless,