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No bake dairy and nut free S’mores!

Unfortunately for me, these s’mores aren’t so easy to make—it has taken the collaboration of 3 countries:  Holland, The United States, and Poland.  But since I’ve gathered all the products together under one Polish roof, my allergy kid has had a blast making and especially eating his no-bake smores.  If you don’t have the exact products where you are, have fun trying to find substitutions !  

We used:  marshmallow fluff, graham crackers, and non-dairy chocolate sprinkles.

Let me tell you, after compiling such a fun snack, there is only one thing left to say, “Smacznego!”

Homemade Soy Yogurt?

Is homemade soy yogurt possible?  Actually I had wanted to make coconut yogurt, but I have yet to find a starter here in Poland for Max.

And, apparently, you are to make yogurt without any sugars in the batch—but it was nearly impossible to find soy anything that didn’t have some sugar added—so I went with what I had, hoping for the best.

You mix a few tablespoons of soy yogurt into your soy milk, mix it together, and pour it in the clean jars.

I bought an extremely cheap yogurt maker—about 10 dollars—and hoped it would work.

I did less than a liter of soy milk, because I read if you do less the yogurt is thicker.  And then it “baked” for 12 hours.

The yogurt was “cultured” to perfection!  Seriously.  And my super allergic kid was so excited he had yogurt just like his sisters!

Now how to use soy horrible tasting yogurt 😉 ?

We used it in brilliant smoothies packed with kale and chia seeds and apples and bananas and frozen strawberries, coconut milk, juice of any flavor, and then a small sprinkling of sugar—because it’s a bit needed in my smoothies (smile and wink).

Enjoy!  Let me know if you make any other non-dairy yogurts at home with special tips!



Substitutions for holiday baking

When you have an allergy kid, you have to even practice caution in substitutions, but this chart has some great ideas.

Happy future holiday baking for you all!

Xo b

Chocolate Chip Friendly Muffins!

I found a fantastic recipe for my little Max-the-allergy-man kid!  It would also probably be delicious the way it is actually created, but since we can’t eat those, I will vouch for the allergy-friendy version and say it’s worth the time and effort!

Here is what we did to change the recipe:

used rice milk instead of milk

used vegetable oil (same amount as called for butter) instead of butter

used Enjoy Life chocolate chips instead of other brands (they are soy, nut, and dairy free)

Here’s the recipe link:  Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

Here’s the outcome!  Smacznego!




When your allergy kid can’t eat Cheetos!

Cheetos are not the healthiest—but they are close to the best!!!  And every time my non-allergy oldest buys a bag, I feel tremendous pity for my allergy middle.  He watches his sisters devour my favorite treat.  He knows it will bring him owies—but you can still see the longing in his eyes.

Well, what do you know???  I found a fantastic chip in Poland that is “Ketchup” flavored—but really tastes like the tamer cousin of the Cheeto.  Hurrah!

And the best part—they really are shaped like dinosaurs.  What fun!

So, to all you dairy allergy moms and dads living in Europe—I hope you can find these, too.  

Be careful, though, the ketchup one is the only dairy-free one I have seen.

And for Gluten-Free Mommies and Daddies out there…these are for your kids, too!

Hey—they may not be the healthiest snack around, but they sure are fun.

Smacznego, Kiddos!

(These come out of the Slovak Republic, according to distribution.  Brand:  McLloyds)

Better Than Movie Theater Popcorn. No Joke!

popcorn and sensory play

My son is not allergic to corn, thank goodness!  But, because he is allergic to dairy, it’s still hard to make the best popcorn in the world—Movie Theater Popcorn!

My friends, that is what I used to think.

Over time of trial and error, I have perfected the best:  Movie Theater Popcorn.

Today I will share with you this greatness—and it is TRULY no sweat!

This is all you need:

Popping corn kernels, salt, and coconut oil

Materials needed:

Spoon (soup spoon size), and soup pot with lid

Here is what you do:

movie theater popcorn


You add one heaping soup spoon’s worth of coconut oil into your soup pot.

Then you add salt.  Plenty but not too much.

You keep out the salt and the soup spoon; you will use them both again in a moment.

Then you turn the stovetop on high and cover the pot.  You let the oil melt a bit (open the lid and check).

WARNING—coconut oil melts in mere moments, so don’t leave the room.

As soon as the oil is melted enough add a handful of corn kernels to it, put the lid back on, shake the pot around so that the kernels have been coated in the oil, and then put the pot back on the stovetop burner.

Don’t go far because you will be needed to continue to shake.

*This next part takes no more than 2 minutes*

As you hear the popping begin, take the pot off of the stove (lid still on) and shake the kernels around again before returning it to the stovetop.

Put it back on the stovetop for the rest of the popping—not even a minute in full.

The minute you hear it begin to slow, remove it from the heat (lid still on) and continue to shake it around (i use potholders and hold the lid down).

Once popping is complete, remove the lid carefully—now your spoon and salt come back into play ONLY if they are still needed.

Taste your popcorn.  Is it perfect?  Does it need more salt?

I always use the spoon and give my popcorn a quick stir.  If it needs more salt, I add a bit.

BUT mine never tends to need more salt.

Seriously—voile!  This is the BEST popcorn.  It may not have butter—but movie popcorn really should be afraid because you may stop going to the movies just for the popcorn once you realize that you can make the popcorn at home and watch a movie on TV 😉

Why do I think popping corn like this turns out so great?  I think it’s the saturation of the kernels in the melted oil that makes this taste just like movie theater popcorn.

And, as much as I LOVE microwave popcorn, we all have read the reports over the years that it is very unfortunately one of the WORST snacks for you.

Things to keep in mind:

Don’t keep it on the heat a moment longer than when the kernels begin to slow.  They will continue to pop in the hot pot if you take if off of the heat and begin to shake it around (holding the lid down).  If you leave it on too long, the popcorn gets burned.  Yuck.

FLAVOR your popcorn before you pop it—do you want to try garlic-flavored popcorn?  Cinnamon?  Sugar?  Just simply add those to your oil and you can make yourself a fantastic gourmet treat (or add after if you prefer).

Also, pair your popcorn with apples and a smoothie and it can make either the perfect dessert or the perfect light lunch or Sunday night supper!

Oh, and have Max help make you a batch of strawberry lemonade to go with it!

helping momma while eating

If you still want the popcorn in the microwave way without the dangers, here is a go-to by a food expert.  If you try it his way, let me know how it turns out:

SeriousEats Microwave Popcorn

If you try it my way—I can’t wait to hear about it.

Happy popping, snacking, and lip-smacking, my friends!