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Soap is Bad for You, and my daughter has chapped lips.


Yes, that’s right.  S.O.A.P.

And, of course, I am being facetious.  But I’m not.

Here, let me explain.

My son is allergic to milk and all like ingredients.  And he is allergic to peanuts.  And he is allergic to nuts.  And dogs.

But dogs don’t have anything to do with this, do they?

Well, not this post, anyway (but I will get to ingredients that could be found in dog foods in another post).

On top of it all, my son has severe breathing difficulties—and is currently treated like an asthmatic child.

This soap thing—it may appear funny sounding but it is really real.

We realized very early on that Maxwell was allergic to the touch as well as the ingestion of milk.  He welted or vomited by the touch of it or the ingestion of it.

And while I thought being allergic to milk was possibly the worst fate any person could suffer because butter is heavenly.  Milk divine.  Ice cream is a slice of serenity—I had to change his lifestyle and he lives just fine without it. (GASP from my heart)

While changing his eating ways, I came to this crazy realization that milk is not just in food.  It’s in EVERYTHING!  And that especially hit me when I was changing his diaper one day…

I had been given this awesome and super natural diaper cream for my son.  So awesome, right?

Well, the day that I used it, the next time I went to change his diaper, his boy bottom and entire area was swollen like crazy swollen and red.

And I thought, “Holy cow!  What happened here?  What did he eat?  What did I touch?  What did I use?”

That’s when it dawned on me, I used this super expensive and fancy and healthy diaper cream…that contained items that caused him great pain.

And, from there, I had to begin to look at all items differently.

Including soap.  Because, if you pause to think about it, many soaps even include milk.

But that’s not all—my daughter, she has EXTREMELY chapped lips.

It doesn’t help that she licks them, too.

So, if you can imagine, she needs a balm for them all of the time.

Not thinking, once, I went and grabbed her a relatively known and good brand lip balm.  When I came home with it, my husband said, “Um…this one has milk in it!”

Sure enough, one of the first ingredients was milk.

Milk on her lips!

Makes sense in the beauty world—but not in my allergy world.

And so I had to tell her if she EVER EVER uses it, to NOT kiss her brother.

She has given up that lip balm as her brother is too cute and kissable.  I get it.

With these lessons, I have learned that raising a life-threatening food allergy kid extends outside of the food arena.  It extends into all arenas—

Including soap.

And chapstick.

And diaper cream.

And dog food…but we’ll get to that another time.

So, Allergy Mom and Allergy Dad, be dutiful in the supermarket and the cosmetic department, your child’s well being is at risk in both!