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Substitutions for holiday baking

When you have an allergy kid, you have to even practice caution in substitutions, but this chart has some great ideas.

Happy future holiday baking for you all!

Xo b

It is impossible to use anything but egg!

Oh my!  I had chickens and I love eggs.  In fact, I largely believe that I could be a vegetarian if I did not have to give up eggs (So Vegan is definitely out for me).  I obviously do not have egg allergies, but there are many, many, many out there that do.

In fact, EGGS are one of the Big-8 out there when it comes to food allergies.  Actually, if you read the article (click on highlighted), you will be amazed that we can even eat in this world anymore with pretty much the BIG-8 literally covering most BIG foods needed to bake.

But, people around the world have taken on allergies and are successfully cooking, baking, and fighting back against those preconceived notions that you DO need egg in cake 😉

Here is a FANTASTIC substitution list that clearly shows how you can substitute egg for any recipe that you are making.

I live in Poland and everything is fairly easy to find except chia (Polish friends—can we find chia seed?).  To be honest, besides a Chia Pet, I had not really ever thought much about Chia at all.  Now I definitely will, that is for sure.

Anyhow, I hope that you find this list extremely helpful.  Let me know if you have any egg-less recipes that are also divine.

And a big shout-out to the tropics for sending me this list to share.  Woot-woot!  (Can you please send some warm weather—I am still wearing a jacket over here?!)

Big hugs to all for a baking Saturday.  Or a coffee-drinking relaxing one.  Or a house cleaning one.  Or a ???

Any kind of Saturday you may have, may God fill your hearts and homes with the Joy of Jesus.

Smacznego, egg-less style, my friends!