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Unintentional Allergy Pumpkin!

My allergy kid doesn’t live where Trick or Treating is common, so he has never really been.  But we still have a lot of fun this season—and despite not knowing about this #tealpumpkin thing-y, he still made his own pumpkin—and it turned out all allergy friendly!  How cute!!!

Flavoring your homemade yogurt for your allergy kid


yogurt flavoring

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My son does not like to eat yogurt in a bowl with a spoon.  Not at all.  So you may wonder why yogurt is SUCH a big deal in our home.

I mean, it’s a REALLY big deal in our home.


Because it’s something he has that is the same as his sisters…


A few posts ago, I wrote how you can make your own homemade soy yogurt (you may be able to make other base kinds, but I have started with soy).  If you missed that post, here it is:  Homemade Soy Yogurt.  It’s amazingly simple and actually really good.

But, plain yogurt is still just that … Plain yogurt!

This gem was a GREAT find.  A way to flavor those yogurts.

And, as an allergy parent, we’re always looking for ways to make food more fun for our kids—since it is just so dang hard, sometimes, to do that.

Therefore, I share this gem of a find with you, too.

Have fun flavoring your allergy-friendly yogurt!


Brooke (Allergy-kid Maxwell’s momma)

Click Here:  How To Flavor Yogurt At Home 

Homemade Soy Yogurt?

Is homemade soy yogurt possible?  Actually I had wanted to make coconut yogurt, but I have yet to find a starter here in Poland for Max.

And, apparently, you are to make yogurt without any sugars in the batch—but it was nearly impossible to find soy anything that didn’t have some sugar added—so I went with what I had, hoping for the best.

You mix a few tablespoons of soy yogurt into your soy milk, mix it together, and pour it in the clean jars.

I bought an extremely cheap yogurt maker—about 10 dollars—and hoped it would work.

I did less than a liter of soy milk, because I read if you do less the yogurt is thicker.  And then it “baked” for 12 hours.

The yogurt was “cultured” to perfection!  Seriously.  And my super allergic kid was so excited he had yogurt just like his sisters!

Now how to use soy horrible tasting yogurt 😉 ?

We used it in brilliant smoothies packed with kale and chia seeds and apples and bananas and frozen strawberries, coconut milk, juice of any flavor, and then a small sprinkling of sugar—because it’s a bit needed in my smoothies (smile and wink).

Enjoy!  Let me know if you make any other non-dairy yogurts at home with special tips!



Substitutions for holiday baking

When you have an allergy kid, you have to even practice caution in substitutions, but this chart has some great ideas.

Happy future holiday baking for you all!

Xo b

Chocolate Chip Friendly Muffins!

I found a fantastic recipe for my little Max-the-allergy-man kid!  It would also probably be delicious the way it is actually created, but since we can’t eat those, I will vouch for the allergy-friendy version and say it’s worth the time and effort!

Here is what we did to change the recipe:

used rice milk instead of milk

used vegetable oil (same amount as called for butter) instead of butter

used Enjoy Life chocolate chips instead of other brands (they are soy, nut, and dairy free)

Here’s the recipe link:  Chocolate Chip Muffins Recipe

Here’s the outcome!  Smacznego!