Singer from Mumford and Sons speaks up for ALLERGIES!

chocolate smeared max

Ben Lovett from Mumford and Sons may be my ultimate NEW HERO!  Seriously.  I may make a cape and put either a big M&S on the back or a BL.  In any case, I absolutely love that a man from a popular folk music group speaks honestly on eating “rice and tinned tuna” while in one of the most exquisite culinary countries in the world because eating at a restaurant (anywhere in the world) is like saying “I don’t think your meal will have arsenic but there is the slightest possibility it may…”


Yum. Yum!

And absolutely, resounding, we are not DUMB, “No, thanks!”

Of course we wouldn’t eat a meal that may have the slightest possibility of arsenic.  We are not royalty food tasters.

We are typical humans with common sense, not subjects of any gold crown that demands we risk our lives to let the crown live.  Or at least I hope.

Therefore, his comparison (in the article I will leave below) made my heart feel all sorts of warm.  Because this famous man KNOWS.  Gets it.  Has opportunities to dine in the finest places in the world and still hides out eating rice and tuna.


Because the alternative risks his life.  And he knows that no matter how fine the cuisine, it’s not WORTH his life.

And it’s not worth the life of my son.

And he gets this.  That is why he started something brilliantly exciting to ALL of us that walk this crazy life-threatening journey.

And I think I am now one of Mumford and Sons biggest new fans.

Because of the tinned tuna.

Oh, and the man!

Here is the article.  Enjoy the read and feast at his place, if you have the chance:

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