Week 9: Birthdays and Fish Kissing

How do you go about celebrating birthdays? #blogpost about making sure to thank the one that gave us life! Perfect for family devotions!

#devotions #family #kids #parents #tweens #teens #gratitude #celebrations

Missions 52!


Birthdays are often great celebrations!  Maybe you’ve celebrated your first or your ninety-first.  No matter how young or old you are, the mere fact that you have another candle to add to your cake is a GREAT deal.

Many many many people never get to see that next year.

I remember my 90-year-old grandma tell me that she loved adding candles to her cake because that meant that she was not D-E-A-D dead!

And she put on the silly hat and we all sang off-key renditions of Happy Birthday to our Tootsie.

Do you sing for your birthday?

Have special family traditions?

Like a certain type of cake or ice cream?

Do you have big parties, small parties, no parties?

How do you ring in your new life year?

Our son, Maxwell, whose very life is a walking miracle got to run into his 5th year with a fishing pole…

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